Our Expertise

The Best of Nature and Swiss Science

Welcome to the Biences family! We are a well-known and trusted Swiss company at the forefront of skin care innovation for over 30 years. Our simple, transparent, holistic approach to beauty uses only the finest quality handpicked ingredients that are sourced responsibly for their regenerative, healing, and transformative qualities. Our skin care lines use highly-concentrated active ingredients that are GMO-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, to dramatically improve your skin’s health and appearance.


About Biences

Over 30 years ago, Patrick Gasser and his wife, Sylvia, started Biences Swiss Cosmetics out of their shared passion for natural beauty.  Located in Switzerland, Biences is at the heart of the anti-aging and skincare revolution in the world.  With Swiss and global skincare experts at their fingertips, their scientists continue to be at the forefront of cosmetic research and innovation.  Their vision is to combine cutting edge technology, patented actives, and responsibly sourced natural ingredients to deliver high-performance skincare solutions for everyone.  Biences products are made 100% in Switzerland to the same high standard that the world has come to expect from Swiss cosmetics.